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Fujitani Nobuto

Chairman of Board of Directors

Freedom and Will

"If we consider art as the product of a free spirit, faults in the world of art education are surely worth emphasizing. Together, we will hereby strive to correct these faults, and do whatever we can to help promote the arts in Japan."

This noble resolve regarding freedom and independence in the realm of art was included in the original prospectus when Tama Imperial Art School, the predecessor of Tama Art University, was founded back in 1935.

Since then, this “free spirit” has continued to underlie all our activities here, and has given rise to the academic ethos of Tama Art University today. Freedom is not something one acquires in one stable, static environment: the history of Tama Art University teaches us that human beings must actively seek out and seize freedom in the course of their daily activities. There is a natural order to freedom. It is shaped by the principles of human nature, just as the natural world is shaped by its own laws, and we believe it to be fundamental to the field of art education. Freedom is something one earns on one's own relentless initiative, and in order to do so, the will power to achieve one's own freedom is elemental. Creative individuals need to have such will. Based on art education in an independent-minded stance around "freedom and will" as key concepts, our university presently aims to foster individuals with an ability to carve out a future for themselves according to their own ideas, while traversing academic boundaries and digging deeper into the matter in hand. The world stands at a major turning point right now, with increasingly diversified arts and cultures. At such a point, we must take an overview of the past and present as if both looking up to the sky and at once overlooking the horizon from the top of a mountain, and speculate about the future. At the same time, we need to keep revisiting our school philosophy.

To meet the needs of an ever-changing era, Tama Art University has implemented educational reforms based on deliberations from a wide range of perspectives, and these reforms will be carried on in various forms moving forward. We have been working for many years to enrich the educational environment we offer, and now the long-term, large-scale redevelopment of our Hachioji Campus is nearly complete and we are preparing to embark on construction of new facilities at the Kaminoge Campus. At Tama Art University, we aim to fuse specialization with versatility and maintain a position as an unparalleled provider of university education steeped in creativity.