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Decision to Cancel Exchange Programme for 2020 Spring Semester

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  • Decision to Cancel Exchange Programme for 2020 Spring Semester

Considering the current situation of the COVID-19 infection worldwide, Tama Art University has decided to completely cancel the exchange programme for 2020 Spring semester. This decision applies to all incoming students without exception.

We, Tama Art University, had taken the position that we would not accept incoming students in the case that their home schools and/or the governments of their countries instruct or recommend the students to return to their home countries. However, unfortunately, the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic has not yet improved. Therefore, we have concluded that the exchange programme for 2020 Spring semester must not be held for the safety of the general students, new entrants, faculty members, officers, and of course incoming students.

Incoming students who have already been accepted to the 2020 Spring exchange programme can postpone their exchange from 2020 Spring to 2020 Autumn without the need for additional screening. In other words, their seats in the departments or courses at Tama Art University in the Autumn semester will be automatically secured, if they would like to particupate. However, if the situation of COVID-19 epidemic still does not get better and we decide that the exchange programme should not be held, the 2020 Autumn exchange programme may be canceled as well.

We deeply appreciate your understanding.

International Exchange Center
Tama Art University

Update: March 30, 2020