Takashi Akiyama Dictionary-2

First edition 01.April.2004
Size: A8 (520×740mm)
Published by Takashi Akiyama Studio
(update 040514 kaw)

cover (P2-01)
Takashi Akiyama (P2-021)
Peace Face (P2-04)

Sick-The Earth (P2-05)
What's justice? (P2-06)
International Nature
Film Festival,Cogne,Italy
Shinanogawa River Poster

No! Land Mine (P2-09)
San Francisco Earth Day 2000
Wild Life-Help (P2-11)
Line (sky,earth,sea,bird) (P2-12)

No More Nuclear Teasting
by India (P2-13)
Recycling-To save is away
of life (P2-14)
The 200th Anniversary
of Sharaku 1794-1994
Green Consumer (P2-16)

This is a non-smoking facility
The World Natural
Heritage1997 (P2-18)
Homage Jun Tabohashi(Koi)
Illustration Studies Tama
Art University (man) (P2-20)

Illustration Studies-6 (hand)
Fax Art Tokyo- Helsinki
Fugoppe's Wing (P2-23)
Illustration Studies-11
Tama Art University (P2-24)

(Illustration Studies-9)
Message Illustration
Poster 2002 (P2-26)
Message Illustration
Poster 2001 (P2-27)
41st Hachioji Festival 2001

Visualogue (P2-29)
Poster List (P2-30)
okutsuke (P2-31)
cover (P2-32)

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