Second Year

Printmaking II

  • ■Intensive Drawing
  • ■Figure Drawing
  • ■Studio Practice: Regular Project / Year-End Project (Assignments According to Printmaking Techniques)
  • ■Second-Year Joint Critiques (First and Second Semesters)
  • ■Summer Assignments and Joint Critiques

Printmaking Materials II

  • ■Study of Materials / Study of Tools
  • ■Printmaking Materials (Restoration and Preservation of Paper)

Basic Practical Skills II

  • ■Drawing
  • ■Off-campus Assignments (Research Papers)

Special Courses II

  • ■Assignments According to Printmaking Techniques
  • ■Color Composition: Collage (Elective) (Assemblage)
  • ■3-D Modeling: Objects
  • ■Modeling Seminar: Box Art (Elective)
    Based on collage, a great invention in art of the twentieth century, this course includes objects and box art in order to develop abilities to express extensively and produce artworks.
  • ■Design: Silkscreen Workshop
  • ■Video: Motion Graphics Workshop (Elective)