Third Year

Printmaking III

  • ■Studio Practice: Regular Project / Year-End Project (Assignments According to Printmaking Techniques)
  • ■Portfolio Preparation
  • ■Special Lecture (Expression and Production: My Printmaking History)
  • ■Summer Assignments and Joint Critiques
  • ■Third-Year Joint Critiques (First and Second Semesters)
  • ■Drawing

Printmaking Materials III

  • ■[Woodcut]
    ・Study of Materials ・Research Paper on Tools
  • ■[Intaglio]
    ・Making Ink ・Making Tools
  • ■[Lithograph]
    ・Planographic Printing Press Workshop ・PS Plate Workshop ・Gel Medium Peeling Prints

Printmaking Media Studies

  • ■Video: Lectures
  • ■Global Work: Lectures
  • ■Special Lectures / Photo Shooting of Artworks<

Advanced Practical Skills IV

  • ■Motion Graphics Workshop (Elective)
  • ■Printmaking Materials (Restoration and Preservation of Paper)
  • ■Off-campus Assignments
  • ■Elective Workshops (Plaster Printing, Gel Medium Peeling Prints / Fresco, Tempera / Metal Leaf)