Zouave tombstorn - Chapter 1 of "Impressions d'Africa" Raymond Roussel -


The biographical water-colours
"Flora and Sergeant-Major Lecurou"
"The Secret Correspondence"
"The Rebellious Bravo"
"Police at the Gambling Den"
"The Performance of Daedalus"
"The Signal""The Guilty Man Dies"
"The Morgue""The Cousultation"
"The Sergeant-Major's Jealousy"
"The Moneylender"
"The Fatal Blow"
ミユの手前で座礁 Bejaia (Tifinagh: )

the Vorrh which is the dense foliage of the immense forest
ヴォルルの森のヴェルバル 盲目の棄児シルダの養育者

1888 Gogh


1830フランス軍アルジェリア歩兵隊 ズアーブ兵Zouaoua 軽歩兵 

Fusil Gras M80 1874

1856 アルマ橋中央の橋脚 Le Pont de l'Alma

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