3-D Mechanism Series    Shiro Takahashi@@

It is possible to obtain complicated movement by means of a combination of 2-D mechanisms to be easily designed and ,anufactured just like the case of machines in practical use. However, the configurations of such plain machines cannot be compalible with the field of solid and spatial images that attract our senses. Therefore, this author created a new mechanism aiming at an aesthetic objective. The 3-D mechanism series is awork obtained by materiazing a rocking space module.@principle of three types.

1) Parallel Axes Type

a mechanism in which every axes parallel to any other
2) Convergent Axes Type

a mechanism in whichi extensions of all axes converget at one point
3) Twisted Axes Type

a mechanism in which a multiple axes are uniformly twisted
work #1
work #2
work #3
work #4
work #5
work #6
@1976-1980 at Sinnjyuku Sumitomo buil.