The 6th Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2018|多摩美術大学

1、作品が状況に応じてイメージサイズを何度でも自由に変更できてしまう。2、版とプリントされたモノが同じサイズで有る事が版画の持つ条件。3、プリンターは写真に近いジャンルのアートに属すと思われる。(日本/70代・凹版作家)版画のコンペの場合は刷りの技術も含めて評価の対象とされるべき。よってプリンターによる刷りの作品は対象にされるべきではない。(オーストラリア/50代・凹版作家)アーティストと刷り師の協力関係は、現在もそうであり続けなければならない伝統的なもの。 TIMPT2018展は、アーティストに作品の技術的側面と概念的側面の両方を示す機会を与えてくれる。プリンターを使用することでこれを完全に許容するとは思えない。(カナダ/40代・混合技法作家)誰でもプリンターは使用できますが、手作業印刷はそうではない。 (版画印刷の)良い質を得るためには、技術的な熟練が必要です。また手作業の印刷は、アーティストの技能、技法、色の組み合わせなどを明らかにします。(インド/40代・凹版作家)技術的表現、専門知識の喪失があるため。(インド/50代・凹版作家)プリンターを使用した作品は、プレス機やバレンを使用したものと根本的にシステムが違う為、同列視できない。(日本/60代・凹版作家)作品としては認めるが「版画」と呼ぶ必要はない。(日本/50代・凸版作家)Commentsプリンター使用 否定的な見解認めない15%わからない(無回答)32%全体として印刷技術をふくめて「表現」と考えている作家が多く、彫刻技術が表現に必要となる作家の意見が特に目立った。A questionnaire was distributed to the artist who passed the first screening. It was distributed through the application form.We compiled the data from that questionnaire. Target: 512 artists, questionnaire respondents, who were subject to the second screening※Comments were excerpted from the questionnaire results.Do not knowNot acceptableOverall, there were many artists that considered the printing technique, including the printing technology, to be "expression” and the opinion that sculpture technology is also needed for expression was particularly noticeable.Use of printers, negative viewThe work can freely change the image size as many times as needed depending on the situation. The condition that the prints have as having the same size as the printed version and the plate. The printer seems to belong to the genre art close to the photograph.(Japan/70s・intaglio artist)In the case of a print competition, it should be subject to evaluation including the printing technique.Therefore, works printed by printers should not be targeted.(Australia/50s・intaglio artist)The collaborative relationship between an artist and master printer is a time-honored tradition that does and should continue to the present day. A competition like the TIMPT2018 gives artist an opportunity to demonstrate both the technical and conceptual aspects of the work and I don't feel using a printer would fully allow for this.  (Canada/40s・Mixed media artist)Anyone can use printer if he knows the operating but manual printer is more skill oriented. One needs to be technically expert to obtain good quality.Manual print product proves the artist's skills , technique, color combination etc.In case of creativity , manual print is inevitable. It never loses its charm. (India/40s・intaglio artist)As there is a loss of technical expressio.(india/50s・intaglio artist)Works using printers can not be seen in the same way as printmaking works because that printing system is fundamentally different, using press machine or baren. (Japan/60s・intaglio artist)Although it is accepted as a work, it is not necessary to call it "printmaking".(Japan/50s・letterpress print artist)Comments from original text109Recognition of the use of printers as heard from entry artists

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