The 6th Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2018|多摩美術大学

● Completely(ある)● Partially(少しある)● Not at all(あまりない)ー120 (79.5%)ー82 (54.3%)ー36 (23.8%)ー38 (25.2%)ー30 (19.9%)ー85 (56.3%)ー66 (43.7%)ー59 (39.1%)ー21 (13.9%)151 responses147 responsesGood quality and color (紙の質感・色が良い)Inexpensive (価格が安い)Appropriate to the image (作品の表現にマッチする)Stability and reliability (耐久性がある)Resilience (紙に弾力がある)Not easily torn or damaged (破損しにくい)Durability (安定して入手できる)Acid-free paper (中性紙である)Doesn’t tend to mould (カビにくい)Doesn’t tend to smudge or blot (インクがにじみにくい)Prints easily (刷りやすい)和紙のなかでは唯一ロールで販売されているからAlmost the only one paper that dan get in my region.My own hand made paper.Textued and structured.Well absorbent for the ink.Good receiving-lifts ink propertly.The color will hold long.I used Chinese paper. In Bangladesh, we get this paper easily.But we can not get japanese acid-free paper.0ー1 (0.7%)ー1 (0.7%)ー1 (0.7%)ー1 (0.7%)ー1 (0.7%)ー1 (0.7%)ー1 (0.7%)ー1 (0.7%)25ー24 (15.9%)5075ー74 (49%)100125117What are you main reasons for having chosen the above paper ?(この紙を使う主な理由について)Are you satisfied with the paper you are using ?(いま使用している紙に信頼性がありますか?)31.3%67.3%

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