The 6th Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2018|多摩美術大学

海に飛び込む姿が小さい空間の中に実にリアルに、しかも広大な広がりを感じさせるドイツの作家らしい緻密な作品である。この作家の他の多くの作品も見たいものです。出品作家の中で特に目を引いたので、審査員賞にしました。(吹田文明 ふきた ふみあき /版画家)Katalin KORTMANN JARAY (Germany)“Outsiders1”mixed media / digital print13×20cmThis is the kind of precise and delicate work one might expect from a German artist, with the figure plunging into the ocean rendered with great realism, and the vast expanse of the sea conveyed effectively in a small space.I would like to see many other works by this artist. It drew my eye among the many submissions we received, and I am pleased to give it the Jury Award. (Fukita Fumiaki, printmaker)11Jury Award (Fumiaki Fukita)審査員賞(吹田 文明)

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