Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Project


At the Art Center College of Design (USA) and the Tama Art University (Japan), students from each university studying various fields of design - graphic design, product design, textile design, environmental design, information design, and others – will stay for three months in each country and pursue the potentials of new design under the theme of natural disaster while deepening social interchange. Respecting each other’s sensitivities, and through repeated research and analysis in various fields, we will develop proposals on what we as designers can do about natural disasters, and make the results public to the world. The expenses, facilities, sites, etc. required for the research are provided by the universities. To pay for the expenses, each university asks companies, organizations and other bodies in its respective country for sponsorship funds to use for the research expenses. Sponsoring companies and organizations are invited to announcement and exchange meetings, and are given a report as the outcome. The plan is that the announcements will first be made on reporting meetings in each respective country, and that in the end, there will be a large overall announcement meeting on a global scale using all kinds of media.