School Fees [Graduate School of Art and Design]

FeeAt the time of registrationSeptemberTotalNote
Admission200,000-200,000the first year only
Total979,500779,5001,759,000can be paid in two installments at the time of registration and in September

(All Amounts in Japanese Yen as of 4/1/2024)

Additional Fees

Contribution for purchase of course materials

  • Depending on the course, additional fees are charged for materials and equipment.
  • Graphic Arts Course : 22,000 yen
  • Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Works Course : 30,000 yen
  • Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance
      Drama and Dance Course : 50,000 yen
      Scenography Design Course : 50,000 yen
  • Doctoral Program : Additional fees vary depending on the field of specialization.

Alumni Fee

Lifetime membership : 30,000 yen


Fees can be refunded if an application is cancelled on or before March 22, 2024. The admission fee is not refundable.