Research Activitiesand Contribution to Society

As a center for education and research, Tama Art University plays an important role in the cultural and commercial life of Japan. By making the best use of its extensive resources, it aims to contribute to developments in such fields as art, culture, and information technology.

The university established the Institute for Art Anthropology as a new base for research in 2006. In addition, the Research Center and other affiliated facilities for supporting research activities have been extended and improved to further the active role of TAU. For the past twenty years, collaborative research has been undertaken with industry, academia, and governmental organizations with the aim of contributing to the development of society. At present, these kinds of joint research include the development of products and systems for companies, programs for the promotion of local industries and revitalization projects to help municipalities stimulate local economies. The number of research activities involving other educational institutions has steadily increased, which demonstrates the success of our approach. Eventually, results gained from special research activities are incorporated into curriculums to benefit TAU students.

Tama Art University is also very active in extramural activities which help to strengthen community links. Our area of operations includes not only the capital city of Tokyo and other areas of Japan, but locations in foreign countries which together form a steadily expanding international network. In the field of art education, the Lifelong Learning Center offers a comprehensive program of lectures and workshops related to art and design for people of all ages, from children to retirees. The program is extremely popular and has attracted a good deal of attention. In response to the global trend of internationalization, TAU is actively pursuing international exchange activities in the fields of art and culture, both in Asia and Western countries.

In the future the university will continue to utilize knowledge and technology in order to serve society, while at the same time offering an unparalleled education to its students.