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Anti-harassment Statement

As an institution dedicated to achieving the highest levels of academic excellence and to graduating well-rounded, knowledgeable citizens of the international community, Tama Art University does not condone harassment in any form.

Anti-harassment Committee

The Anti-harassment Committee, made up of university staff, is charged with the tasks of providing counseling on and investigating complaints of harassment, and mediating and arbitrating between the parties involved.
The Anti-harassment Committee's members have a duty of confidentiality. Please rest assured that any matter you may bring before them will not be disclosed to any outside party without your permission.

What to do if...

you're the victim of harassment.

  • Remember: it's not your fault.
  • The first thing is to get away.
  • Stay calm, and find a sympathetic ear.
  • Turn to counseling services.

you're accused of harassment.

  • Admit you're probably the one at fault.
  • Soberly analyze what actually happened.
  • Respect the values and sensibilities of the other party involved.
  • Apologize at the first opportunity.

someone confides in you about being the victim of harassment.

  • Above all, listen.
  • Offer encouragement (show understanding, cheer the person up, extend a helping hand).
  • Be prepared for intimidation from the perpetrator.

someone confides in you about being the perpetrator of harassment.

  • Don't treat the person as a criminal; show a degree of understanding about how the perpetrator may himself or herself feel victimized.
  • Help the person identify the cause of the incident.

* The above are simple guidelines. If there's anything you find yourself simply incapable of doing, have the courage to say so and seek counseling from a specialist.

Counseling servies

Troubled? Don't hesitate: seek advice.

Counseling services are available both on and off campus. Ask for advice about your particular situation.

On campus counseling office

Advice is available from members of the university staff.

Students at the Hachioji Campus harass-hachioji@tamabi.ac.jp
Students at the Kaminoge Campus harass-kaminoge@tamabi.ac.jp
Faculty and staff harass-houjin@tamabi.ac.jp

Off campus(Harassment Hotline)

Perhaps you want to talk to a specialist rather than a member of the university staff. Perhaps you don't want anyone at the university to know about the matter. Or perhaps you'd feel more comfortable taking your concerns elsewhere. For cases like these, Tama Art University has a hotline agreement with a specialized agency. Counseling is available both by phone and over the Web.