We have stopped accepting applications for TIMPT 2018. [Fri, Jan 26 13:30 JST]



We accepted 1,926 work entries from 91 countries and districts. Thank you for your entry.

We would like to contact the entry artists.

We sent an automatic confirmation e-mail subject: Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2018 [Automated Reply] immediately after we received your entry.However, if you have not received our automated e-mail reply yet, please note that undeliverable people are not sorted out as junk e-mails, or maybe there was a mistake in the e-mail address at the time of entry. Please check your e-mail box completely. And if you don’t find our automated e-mail response, please contact immediately this e-mail address [ timpt@tamabi.ac.jp ]. And when you contact us, please let us know another (or 2nd) e-mail address that you have.

We will announce the initial judgment results on our official website on Monday, April 2nd, 2018.
If your work passes the primary review, we will inform by e-mail about how to deliver your work to us. You must not send original works until then.

Application Information


Outline of application process

Tama Art University has organized the Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial five times thus far, with the aims of showing the world’s latest contemporary prints and collecting scholarly data on materials, techniques, and expressions of printmaking.
For this sixth edition, we will hold an open competition in search of greater artistic and cultural diversity.

Entry period

Entry period OPENS starts at 11 AM on January 11(Thu.), 2018 (Japan time)
Entry period CLOSES at 8 PM on January 25(Thu.), 2018 (Japan time)

Application requirements

Accepted regardless of nationality / age

Rules regarding works

  1. Works must have been produced in 2016 or later.
  2. Each person may only submit one work.
  3. Works must be signed and edition-numbered by the artist.
  4. There are no restrictions on plate types or techniques used.
  5. Works are to be on A4 size (297 x 210 mm) paper, horizontal or vertical, and the image size is to be no larger than 270 x 180 mm.
  6. We do not accept collaborative works.
  7. Works that soil the surrounding environment or are difficult to handle may not be accepted.

Rules regarding exhibition

  1. This is an open competition.
  2. There is no fee to exhibit.
  3. Selected works will be acquired by the Tama Art University Museum of Art and will not be returned.

Application procedure

Initial judging will be carried out by viewing the images submitted with the application form. Please enter the necessary information on the application form found on the website of Tama Art University. Results of the initial judging will be announced on the website in April 2018. Applicants who have passed the initial judging will be notified by e-mail.

* The application form is accessible from January 11, 2018.

Initial judging committee:

Chief judge:
Tatehata Akira (Tama Art University President and art critic)
Oshima Naruki (Artist and photographer)
Satake Kuniko (Printmaker)
Furuya Hiroko (Printmaker)

Final judging

The following judges will review the original works and decide on selected and prize-winning works.

Final judging committee:

Chief judge:
Tatehata Akira (Tama Art University President and art critic)
Motoe Kunio (Art critic)
Fukita Fumiaki (Printmaker)
Minemura Toshiaki (Art critic)
Okamura Keizaburo (Painter)
Nakamura Kazumi (Painter)
Oshima Naruki (Artist, photographer)


Grand Prize (1)
300,000 yen
Second Prizes (2)
100,000 yen
Jury Awards (6)
70,000 yen
Museum Art Prizes (10)
30,000 yen


  1. Prize-winning works will be acquired by the Tama Art University Museum.
  2. The organizers reserve the right to photograph, duplicate, broadcast, or put online the submitted works for the purpose of exhibition documentation, research, publicity, and so forth.
  3. Although we will exercise all possible care in the handling of the work, we are not responsible for damage or loss of works due to unavoidable circumstances such as accidents during mailing or natural disasters.

Exhibition schedule

Initial judging application acceptance:
January 11 (Thu.) – 25 (Thu.), 2018
Initial judging results announcement:
April 2 (Mon.), 2018
Acceptance of works passing initial judgment:
April 2 (Mon.) - May 10 (Mon.), 2018
Announcement of prize-winners:
July 2 (Mon.), 2018
Presentation of winners:
August 1 (Wed), 2018


Tama Art University Museum
Exhibition period:
October 27 (Sat.) - December 2 (Sun.), 2018
Exhibition venue:
Tama Art University Museum
1-33-1 Ochiai, Tama-city, Tokyo, Japan
Tama Art University


Please contact us by e-mail:


  • Please recognize that it may take time to respond.
  • We will not accept any inquiries by telephone.

The 5th TIMPT 2015

The 5th TIMPT 2015
Nationalities 84 Countries/Regions / Number of Applicants 2,174 (Abroad: 1,735, Japan: 439) / Selected Artists 324 (Abroad: 246, Japan: 78) / Prize Winners 20 (Abroad: 12, Japan: 8)
Exhibition period:
September 25 (Sat.) - November 8 (Sun.), 2015
Exhibition venue:
Tama Art University Museum

The 5th Official Website

Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial office
2-1723 Yarimizu, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0394, JAPAN