Admission Requirementsfor Doctoral Degree Program

The following is an English translation of relevant information for international students, excerpted from the application procedures in Japanese. Please refer to the Application Guidelines for further information.




Applicants must satisfy one of the following requirements or expect to satisfy one of the following requirements by March 31, 2024:

  1. Have a master's or professional degree.
  2. Have an academic degree corresponding to a master's degree or professional degree in a country other than Japan.
  3. Have been awarded a master's degree or equivalent, or professional degree or equivalent through a correspondence course in Japan which is operated by a foreign school.
  4. Have been awarded a master's degree or equivalent, or professional degree or equivalent in Japan from an educational institution recognized within the educational system of a foreign country and approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho).
  5. Be recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho).
  6. By means of an individual screening process, satisfy Tama Art University that the applicant has academic abilities equivalent or superior to a person holding a master's degree.

Pre-interview with the course supervisor

To apply for the Doctoral Degree Program entrance exam, a pre-interview with the course supervisor listed on the Application Guideline is required. The process is written below.

  1. Choose one course supervisor on the Application Guidelines.
  2. Contact the course supervisor. If you are unable to contact the course supervisor, please send the request form below.
  3. Have a pre-interview with the supervisor.
  4. Have the course supervisor and department chair sign the examination confirmation sheet.
  5. Submit the examination confirmation sheet with the other application documents.

Admissions Section

Application Period

November 1, Wednesday 13:00 to November 9, Thursday 18:00, 2023. [Online application only]

Sending the application documents

November 1, Wednesday to November 9, Thursday, 2023. Documents should be postmarked no later than November 9, 2023.
-Application documents mailed from outside Japan must arrive by November 9, 2023.

Examination Fee

35,000 yen

Examination Location

At Hachioji Campus, Tama Art University (2-1723 Yarimizu, Hachioji, Tokyo):

Screening Process

In the primary selection process, applicants will be screened on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of a research proposal, a summary of their master's thesis or equivalent, portfolio, and submitted documents (including a score report of relevant English tests). Applicants who pass the primary selection will be selected based on the submitted thesis, submitted works, and an oral examination.

All applicants must submit a score report for the English tests for admission from 2024. Please check the Application Guidelines (in Japanese Only) for details.
*Applicants who speak English as a first language are exempt.

Examination Schedule

Announcement of Primary Selection Results 13:00 December 21 (Thur.), 2023.

Secondary Selection Schedule

January 17 (Wed.), 2024 to January 20 (Sat.), 2024 Oral examination will be conducted on January 18 (Thur.) or January 19 (Fri.)

*Only applicants who pass the primary selection are eligible to take the secondary examination. Examinations take place on January 18 and 19, but applicants are required to come to the exam site on January 17 and 20, also.

Notification of Final Results

January 29,Monday,2024,13:00~January 31、Wednesday,2024

Admission Procedures

All the necessary forms and the fees should be posted by February 13, Monday, 2023.

School Fees


Hachioji Campus
2-1723 Yarimizu, Hachioji, Tokyo

  • - All new students will enroll in April.
  • - For international students, if the immigration authorities reject the application for “Authorization of Resident Eligibility” or “Resident Status (Overseas Education)” from February 2024, admission will be automatically canceled. Also, applicants must receive “Resident Status (Overseas Education)” by April 1, 2024.

About Application Guidelines

Please read the “Application Guidelines 2024” for details in admission (details may differ).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are there summer programs or short programs?

We do not offer summer programs nor short programs.

Q2. Is there autumn admission?

We do not offer autumn admissions.
All new students are enrolled in the beginning of April.

Q3. How long is the Doctoral Degree Program?

The duration for the Doctoral Degree Program is 3 years in total.

Address for Application and Inquiries

Tama Art University Admissions Section
Hachioji Campus
2-1723 Yarimizu, Hachioji, Tokyo, 192-0394
Tel: +81-42-679-5602
Contact via E-mail: