Department of Art Studies

"Connectors" linking art to society
Communicating the diverse value and appeal of art

According to the key idea of "connecting art and society", for more than 30 years the Department of Art Studies has been fostering museum curators, producers, critics, educators, researchers, journalists and other human resources that play major parts in supporting art and communicating its appeal to society. Continually changing with the times, the increasingly broad concept of "art" today encompasses fine art, design, video, literature, manga, animation, fashion and others. This department's unique education embracing lectures on a variety of subjects, on-site studies through fieldwork, and seminars designed to hone planning and practical skills, aims to foster individuals with an affection and understanding of art, and the ability to create new values as "connectors".


In order to deepen theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide range of areas including next to art and design also such fields as video and literature, the department attaches importance to students' practical experience through actual productive work, and the planning and hosting of exhibitions among others. In the introductory first and second year courses, students acquire fundamental theoretical knowledge about today's increasingly diversified art, while at once honing their creativity by way of practical skills. The third and fourth year specialized courses are designed to enhance students' expertise through a curriculum centered around hands-on seminars, and at once develop planning abilities and coordination skills needed in order to function as connectors in the realm of art. Graduates can obtain a teacher qualification in the field of art.

Prospects after graduation

Career options are just as varied as the many fields connecting art and society. Graduates may work as museum curators, researchers, educators or critics, or be active in a range of professions including producer, director, editor or planner in the fields of design, theater, video and music. The number of graduates choosing to continue studies at a graduate school or to study abroad is increasing.