Graduate School of Art and Design

Combining sublime techniques with advanced academics,
and searching the depths of fine arts at large,
for further development in the fields of art and design.

Aiming to produce rather advanced (works of) art while further deepening and enriching knowledge and skills in art and design, in the Graduate School of Art and Design we approach the cultivation and development of free, uniquely ingenious creative motivation as a source of such creative work from a broad standpoint embracing history, society and tradition.
Art in general is a cultural activity pursued on the open stage of human society, and above that, it cannot circumvent the effects of rapidly changing situations caused by recent developments in science and technology. In art and design alike, it is no longer accepted to confine oneself only to one's own field as a narrow-minded specialist. Instead, there is a compelling necessity for rather open creative platforms, to be realized by moving forward even beyond one's own limits, and engaging in exchange with other artistic genres. Such activities only make sense when pursued with an eye to innovation in the surrounding art world, rather than being satisfied with individually creating works of art. For this, continually adopting interdisciplinary and international global perspectives in one's work, based on the idea of "far-sighted art", is elemental. Herein lies the main reason why scientific principles are of great importance especially in graduate education. For a further substantiation of this philosophy, we are eager to offer various opportunities for international exchange by inviting foreign exchange students to our institution.