Department of Product and Textile Design, Product Design Course

Problem-solving skills for challenges of the next generation
Making things for comfortable future living environments.

Product design refers to design related to all sorts of things that sustain people's daily lives, including automobiles, motorbikes, home appliances, audio equipment, cellular phones, furniture, shoes, bags, baby goods, musical instruments, games, sports gear, cosmetics, packages, etc.The design of such products requires in addition to studies related to form and function also expertise in production/manufacture, and diverse other knowledge. Over the course of four years, students individually hone their expressive faculty, mental capacity and humaneness while tackling a variety of tasks according to their respective aspired careers. The aim of the course is to foster independent, world-class designers.


During the time up to the point students go out into the world, design education at a university must be dedicated to the fostering of human resources with a focus on the state of society at least five years ahead. While meeting the needs of society in the realm of design, with an eye to future changes we have set up three target-defined studios according to the type of aspired designer ("designers active in one of tomorrow's leading corporations", "designers with a high degree of professionalism in various fields" and "individuals with creative and future-oriented design skills"), founded on a coaching structure that comprehensively supports the individuality of students as they develop in various directions.

Prospects after graduation

Students' paths after graduation involve activities in various branches of society, working for companies, public offices, educational or research institutions as quality designers equipped with creativity, imaginativeness and humaneness. Every year, a large number of our graduates find employment in leading companies especially in the automobile, home appliance and communications equipment industries. Furthermore, the number of graduates that choose to continue studies at a graduate school or study abroad increases from year to year.