Department of Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Works

The unique quality and beauty of ceramic, glass, and metal
Expanding the world of crafts by making the most of materials

Each of the materials the Department of Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Works is dedicated to was discovered at the predawn of civilization, and continues to fascinate people as a material with unique quality and beauty to this day. Man subsequently developed a number of techniques making effective use of hands and tools, in order to create myriad things out of these materials. The powers of "making things" and "expressing through things" are born out of the technical mastership of processing materials in creative ways. Universal powers that have remained unchanged over the course of human history, they are at once where the primal creativity for all artistic genres has its roots. Through education exploring aspects of crafts that change through the ages in both theoretical and technical terms, the Department of Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Works aims to foster highly creative individuals that push the boundaries of craftwork through freewheeling thinking.


In the introductory first and second year courses, students first learn basic handling and working processes for the primary materials ceramics, glass and metal, and develop creative skills during the first year. In the second year, they choose one of three programs, and master basic skills such as processing techniques, the use of tools, and the operation of machines. In the specialized courses in the third and fourth year, students refine their free-minded creative and expressive skills, while mastering rather advanced techniques.

Prospects after graduation

About half of the graduates become artists or continue their studies at a graduate school. Other options include working as an art teacher, studying abroad, or joining a company. In the case of the latter, graduates draw on their well-honed fundamental skills of making things pursuing careers in the fields of design, development and production, in industries as varied as housewares, toys, games, clothing, accessories, etc.