Department of Painting, Japanese Painting Course

Spreading new creativity from the soil of Japanese art

Cultivated by the country's rich climate and culture, Japanese-style painting has been nurturing a unique aesthetic consciousness. One appealing aspect of Japanese painting, produced by such natural materials as powdered mineral pigment, paper, brushes and ink, is its abundant expressive potential unlocked through a full command of materials and techniques. Reaching far beyond mere tradition, its great depth leaves at once room for opening up new horizons in art. In that sense, the world of Japanese painting is old, yet at the same time it is a field with new and unknown possibilities. On a foundation of acquiring basic techniques and an understanding of traditional materials, the Japanese Painting Course focuses on the development of individual, free-spirited creativity, with the aim to foster next-generation artists, educators, researchers and other human resources that fertilize the extensive soil of Japanese art.


In the introductory first and second year courses, students acquire basic knowledge of materials and tools of Japanese painting, and master basic skills by drawing, copying, and other tasks. Also honed in these courses is the expressive ability to develop traditional into new, contemporary techniques. In the specialized courses in the third and fourth year, students voluntarily choose a subject by which they explore their own individual styles, and enhance their creativity through exhaustive dialogue with their teachers.

Prospects after graduation

The diverse career options include becoming an artist or instructor, continuing studies at a graduate school, studying abroad, or joining a company. As many students especially desire to continue their creative activities throughout life, quite a number of graduates are presently active as painters, picture book authors, animation artists or decorator. Those who choose to enter a company utilize the sensibility and technical skills cultivated in the Japanese Painting course in a variety of professions, working for game manufacturers, publishers, animated film productions, etc.