Department of Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance

Leap before you look !
Working pragmatically, challenging the unknown, and getting down to the core of artistic expression.
Turning out true "stage artists" with aesthetic consciousness.

The Department of Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance is a department that aims to foster sensitive artists in the realm of bodily expression as a supporting pillar of stage performances, and designers with an ability to create imaginative theatrical spaces. Considering the different roles and respective expertise involved in stage productions, the department is divided into the "Scenography Design Course" and the "Drama and Dance Course". In both courses, students acquire knowledge related to stage performances while enhancing their expertise and exchanging with each other. Bearing in mind a future vision of aesthetically conscious actors, dancers, stage directors, playwrights and set artists, and regarding stage performances as composite art, the department pursues the realization of highly original stage productions that no-one has ever seen before. Classes focus on thorough training of imaginative expressiveness and creativity with an emphasis on practical work, while raising students' awareness of the risks involved in being an artist, and the responsibility of future leaders in the realm of culture. Teachers operating as mainstream professionals in their respective fields offer on-the-spot technical guidance in bodily expression methods, performance practice and staff work, training professional artists and future leaders in the performing arts world.


Specialized courses are divided into mainly practical exercise focusing on "practical/expert skills", and a lecture-based program dedicated to "coursework/theory". As outlined above, the Department of Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance fosters human resources in the two courses "Drama and Dance" and "Scenography Design". In regard to "practical/expert skills", in each of the introductory first and second year courses, students thoroughly hone their skills through hands-on practice. In the specialized third and fourth year courses, "theatrical expression" classes in playwriting, directing and acting; "dance expression" classes teaching dance and choreography; and "stage art" classes dedicated to lighting, sound, space, imagery and costumes are offered by category from the third up to the first half of the fourth year, while "performance production" classes in cooperation between both courses focus on practical performance training. After taking up a string of such experience-based lessons, students finally begin with their graduation works in the second half of the fourth year. Regarding "coursework/theory", in the first and second year students in both courses learn about the history of theater and dance. In addition, mainly in the second and third year, students may also attend classes related to bodily expression, theater history, theater and dance, stage set design, and other basic theoretical lessons coupled with the training of practical skills.

Prospects after graduation

Career options after graduation include working for theater or dance companies, actors' agencies, theaters, stage productions, display and other design firms. Alternatively, students may also set up their own theater or dance ensembles.