Department of Painting, Oil Painting Course

Transcending stereotypes
New forms of beauty created by a wide variety of expressions

In this age of increasingly diversified artistic expression, a wealth of innovative styles in addition to such conventional media as oil on canvas, ranging from illustration to 3-D, video, performance and beyond the realm of oil painting, are flourishing also in the realm of oil painting. Today, endless expressive possibilities of exploring uncharted territories by means of oil painting are spreading right before our eyes. While sticking to the grass roots approach of training basic formative and intellectual skills of oil painting, the Oil Painting Course with its class selection system and detailed individualized instruction aims to foster next-generation artists, educators, researchers, and other individuals eager to venture into novel and timeless artistic endeavors.


While honing their powers of observation and description regarding the subject of expression in order to master the necessary fundamental skills for maintaining free creative work, over the course of four years the students thoroughly study also such basic formative elements as light, color and texture. As part of the group system adopted right from the first year, groups of students develop their own individual styles while tackling various different assignments. In addition, each submission of proposals is followed by a review session, in which students can brush up their presentation skills by communicating their ideas to fellow students both verbally and through their personal styles of artistic expression.

Prospects after graduation

Many students choose a career that involves creative activities in one form or another, working as artists, art teachers or researchers among others. Those who join a company utilize their diverse expressiveness cultivated in the Oil Painting Course in a in an increasingly broad range of areas, including advertising, games, animation, video, TV, scenic art and others.