Tama Art University

Department of Environmental Design

Designing interiors, architecture and landscape as "spaces" embracing human beings

Interiors, residential houses, shops, parks, cities...
The subject taught in the Department of Environmental Design is defined by spaces embracing human beings. "Spaces" are made up of all kinds of constituent elements, and come in an endless variety of scales. As time advances, designed "spaces" become environments that blend into our daily lives. The Department of Environmental Design offers courses in interior, architectural and landscape design, aiming to foster individuals contributing to the creation of rich and varied "spaces". Through both CAD/CG simulations and intensive work on actual places, objects and dimensions, students learn to approach tasks by thinking and designing with their hands.


In the first year, students acquire through both manual and computer-based design work practical skills related to interior, architectural and landscape design in general. In the second year, they choose one of three courses focusing on studies of rather specialized contents. Also in preparation is a curriculum with the goal of obtaining national vocational qualifications as architects or landscape gardening work operation and management engineer among others.

Prospects after graduation

Many graduates work as designers for companies in the areas of architectural design, interior, furniture, lighting and others. However fields of activity keep increasing year by year, and recently include also shop display, landscape, TV play and stage set design. Graduates are further qualified for an examination in national vocational qualifications such as First-Class architect (after two years of working experience), First-Class landscape gardening work operation and management engineer (three years of working experience), or interior planner. An increasing number of graduates choose to continue studies at a graduate school, or study abroad.